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fdart0001Modulating the Structural Properties of α,γ-Hybrid Peptides by α-Amino Acid Residues: Uniform 12-Helix Versus “Mixed” 12/10-HelixMisra R., Raja K.M.P., Hofmann H.-J., Gopi H.N.Chemistry - A European Journal2017 6
fdart0002α-Methyl phenylglycines by asymmetric α-arylation of alanine and their effect on the conformational preference of helical Aib foldamersCostil R., Fernández-Nieto F., Atkinson R.C., Clayden J.Organic and Biomolecular Chemistry2018 3
fdart0003Artificial β-Double Helices from Achiral γ-PeptidesMisra R., Dey S., Reja R.M., Gopi H.N.Angewandte Chemie - International Edition2018 3
fdart0004Sequence-based design of α/β-peptide foldamers that mimic BH3 domainsHorne W.S., Boersma M.D., Windsor M.A., Gellman S.H.Angewandte Chemie - International Edition2008 8
fdart0005Highly stable pleated-sheet secondary structure in assemblies of amphiphilic α/β-peptides at the air-water interfaceSegman S., Lee M.-R., Vaiser V., Gellman S.H., Rapaport H.Angewandte Chemie - International Edition2010 2
fdart0006Targeting diverse protein-protein interaction interfaces with α/β-peptides derived from the Z-domain scaffoldChecco J.W., Kreitler D.F., Thomas N.C., Belair D.G., Rettko N.J., Murphy W.L., Forest K.T., Gellman S.H.Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America2015 11
fdart0007Iterative Nonproteinogenic Residue Incorporation Yields α/β-Peptides with a Helix–Loop–Helix Tertiary Structure and High Affinity for VEGFChecco J.W., Gellman S.H.ChemBioChem2017 31
fdart0008Fabrication of cationic nanostructures from short self-assembling amphiphilic mixed α/β-pentapeptide: Potential candidates for drug delivery, gene delivery, and antimicrobial applicationsGoel R., Garg C., Gautam H.K., Sharma A.K., Kumar P., Gupta A.International Journal of Biological Macromolecules2018 1
fdart0009Impact of Backbone Pattern and Residue Substitution on Helicity in α/β/γ-PeptidesShin Y H., Gellman S.H.Journal of the American Chemical Society2018 18
fdart0010Unambiguous characterization of anisotropic foldamer packing in a foldecture with an elongated hexagonal plate shapeYoon E., Gong J., Jung Y., Lee W., Driver R.W., Lee H.-S.Chemical Communications2016 7
fdart00121,2,3-Triazolium-Based Cationic Amphipathic Peptoid Oligomers Mimicking Antimicrobial Helical PeptidesShyam R., Charbonnel N., Job A., Blavignac C., Forestier C., Taillefumier C., Faure S.ChemMedChem2018 9
fdart0013Intrinsically Photoswitchable α/β Peptides toward Two-State FoldamersMarafon G., Crisma M., Moretto A.Angewandte Chemie - International Edition2018 10
fdart0014Rational Design and Synthesis of Post-Functionalizable Peptide Foldamers as Helical TemplatesMisawa T., Kanda Y., Demizu Y.Bioconjugate Chemistry2017 10
fdart0015Effects of Oligomer Length, Solvents, and Temperature on the Self-Association of Aromatic Oligoamide FoldamersZhao Y., Connor A.L., Sobiech T.A., Gong B.Organic Letters2018 5
fdart0016Controlling the Helix Handedness of ααβ-Peptide Foldamers through Sequence ShiftingSzefczyk M., Węglarz-Tomczak E., Fortuna P., Krzysztoń A., Rudzińska-Szostak E., Berlicki Ł.Angewandte Chemie - International Edition2017 14
fdart0017α-aminoxy peptoids: A unique peptoid backbone with a preference for cis-amide bondsKrieger V., Ciglia E., Thoma R., Vasylyeva V., Frieg B., de Sousa Amadeu N., Kurz T., Jania C., Gohlke H., Hansen F.K.Chemistry - A European Journal2017 15
fdart0018Peptide N-Amination Supports β-Sheet ConformationsSarnowski M.P., Kang C.W., Elbatrawi Y.M., Wojtas L., Del Valle J.R.Angewandte Chemie - International Edition2017 22
fdart0019Heterogeneous-Backbone Foldamer Mimics of Zinc Finger Tertiary StructureGeorge K.L., Horne, W. SethJournal of the American Chemical Society2017 9
fdart0020Fine Tuning of β-Peptide Foldamers: A Single Atom Replacement Holds Back the Switch from an 8-Helix to a 12-HelixAltmayer-Henzien A., Declerck V., Farjon J., Merlet D., Guillot R., Aitken D.J.Angewandte Chemie - International Edition2015 8
fdart0021α/β-Peptide Foldamers Targeting Intracellular Protein-Protein Interactions with Activity in Living CellsChecco J.W., Lee E.F., Evangelista M., Sleebs N.J., Rogers K., Pettikiriarachchi A., Kershaw N.J., Eddinger G.A., Belair D.G., Wilson J.L., Eller C.H., Raines R.T., Murphy W.L., Smith B.J., Gellman S.H., Fairlie W.D.Journal of the American Chemical Society2015 6
fdart0022γ- and β-Peptide Foldamers from Common Multifaceted Building Blocks: Synthesis and Structural CharacterizationGanesh Kumar M., Gopi H.N.Organic Letters2015 9
fdart0023Magnetotactic molecular architectures from self-assembly of β-peptide foldamersKwon S., Kim B.J., Lim H.-K., Kang K., Yoo S.H., Gong J., Yoon E., Lee J., Choi I.S., Kim H., Lee H.-S.Nature Communications2015 2
fdart0024A Hollow Foldecture with Truncated Trigonal Bipyramid Shape from the Self-Assembly of an 11-Helical FoldamerEom J.-H., Gong J., Kwon S., Jeon A., Jeong R., Driver R.W., Lee H.-S.Angewandte Chemie - International Edition2015 1
fdart0025Protein-Like Tertiary Folding Behavior from Heterogeneous BackbonesZachary E. Reinert, George A. Lengyel, Horne, W. SethJournal of the American Chemical Society2013 12
fdart0026Structural and biological mimicry of protein surface recognition by alpha/beta-peptide foldamersHorne, W. Seth., Johnson, Lisa M., Ketas, Thomas J., Klasse, Per Johan., Lu, Min., Moore, John P., Gellman, Samuel H.Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences2009 12
fdart0027Helix Bundle Quaternary Structure from α/β-Peptide FoldamersHorne W. Seth, Price Joshua L., Keck, James L., Gellman, Samuel H.Journal of the American Chemical Society2007 4
fdart0028Structural Consequences of β-Amino Acid Preorganization in a Self-Assembling α/β-Peptide: Fundamental Studies of Foldameric Helix BundlesJoshua L. Price, Horne, W. Seth, Gellman, Samuel H.Journal of the American Chemical Society2010 7
fdart0029An alpha/beta-peptide helix bundle with a pure beta3-amino acid core and a distinctive quaternary structureGiuliano Michael W., Horne W Seth., Gellman Samuel HJournal of the American Chemical Society2009 14
fdart0030Structure-Guided Rational Design of α/β-Peptide Foldamers with High Affinity for BCL-2 Family Prosurvival ProteinsSmith. Brian J, Lee. Erinna F, Checco. James W, Evangelista. Marco, Gellman. Samuel H, Fairlie, W. DouglasChemBioChem2013 8
fdart0031Broad distribution of energetically important contacts across an extended protein interfaceJohnson L.M., Horne W.S., Gellman S.H.Journal of the American Chemical Society2011 10
fdart0032Foldecture as a core material with anisotropic surface characteristicsYoo S.H., Eom T., Kwon S., Gong J., Kim J., Cho S.J., Driver R.W., Lee Y., Kim H., Lee H.-S.Journal of the American Chemical Society2015 2
fdart0033Heterogeneous H-Bonding in a Foldamer HelixFisher B.F., Guo L., Dolinar B.S., Guzei I.A., Gellman S.H.Journal of the American Chemical Society2015 9
fdart0034α-Aminoxy Oligopeptides: Synthesis, Secondary Structure, and Cytotoxicity of a New Class of Anticancer FoldamersDiedrich D., Moita A.J.R., Rüther A., Frieg B., Reiss G.J., Hoeppner A., Kurz T., Gohlke H., Lüdeke S., Kassack M.U., Hansen F.K.Chemistry - A European Journal2016 9
fdart0035Stabilization of 11/9-helical α/β-peptide foldamers in protic solventsLee M., Shim J., Kang P., Choi M.-G., Choi S.H.Chemical Communications2016 5
fdart0036Helix-loop-helix peptide foldamers and their use in the construction of hydrolase mimeticsDrewniak M., Węglarz-Tomczak E., Ożga K., Rudzińska-Szostak E., Macegoniuk K., Tomczak J.M., Bejger M., Rypniewski W., Berlicki Ł.Bioorganic Chemistry2018 19
fdart0037The Role of Terminal Functionality in the Membrane and Antibacterial Activity of Peptaibol-Mimetic Aib FoldamersAdam C., Peters A.D., Lizio M.G., Whitehead G.F.S., Diemer V., Cooper J.A., Cockroft S.L., Clayden J., Webb S.J.Chemistry - A European Journal2018 24
fdart0038Improved proteolytic stability and potent activity against Leishmania infantum trypanothione reductase of α/β-peptide foldamers conjugated to cell-penetrating peptidesde Lucio H., Gamo A.M., Ruiz-Santaquiteria M., de Castro S., Sánchez-Murcia P.A., Toro M.A., Gutiérrez K.J., Gago F., Jiménez-Ruiz A., Camarasa M.-J., Velázquez S.European Journal of Medicinal Chemistry2017 20
fdart0039Form Matters: Stable Helical Foldamers Preferentially Target Human Monocytes and GranulocytesDel Secco B., Malachin G., Milli L., Zanna N., Papini E., Cornia A., Tavano R., Tomasini C.ChemMedChem2017 20
fdart0040Conformational Switching in Heterochiral α,β2,3-Hybrid Peptides in Response to Solvent PolarityBalamurugan D., Muraleedharan K.M.European Journal of Organic Chemistry2015 3
fdart0041Can Helical Peptides Unwind One Turn at a Time? - Controlled Conformational Transitions in α,β2,3-Hybrid PeptidesBalamurugan D., Muraleedharan K.M.Chemistry – A European Journal2015 4
fdart0042Sulfono-γ-AApeptides as a New Class of Nonnatural Helical FoldamerWu Haifan., Qiao Qiao., Hu Yaogang., Teng Peng., Gao Wenyang., Zuo Xiaobing., Wojtas Lukasz., Larsen Randy W., Ma Shengqian., Cai, JianfengChemistry – A European Journal2015 6
fdart0043Pseudopeptide Foldamers designed for photoinduced intramolecular electron transferMilli Lorenzo., Marchi Enrico., Castellucci Nicola., Indelli Maria. Teresa., Venturi Margherita., Ceroni Paola., Tomasini Claudia.,RSC Adv2015 3
fdart0044The relevance of the relative configuration in the folding of hybrid peptides containing β-cyclobutane amino acids and γ-amino-l-proline residuesOna Illa., José Antonio Olivares., Pau Nolis., Rosa M. Ortuño.,Tetrahedron2017 8
fdart0045Effect of replacing main-chain ureas with thiourea and guanidinium surrogates on the bactericidal activity of membrane active oligourea foldamersStéphanie Antunes., Jean-Philippe Corre., Guillain Mikaty., Céline Douat., Pierre L. Goossens., Gilles Guichard.,Bioorganic & Medicinal Chemistry2017 9
fdart0046Foldameric α/β-Peptide Analogs of the β-Sheet-Forming Antiangiogenic Anginex: Structure and BioactivityHegedüs, Zsófia., Wéber, Edit., Kriston-Pál, Éva., Makra, Ildikó., Czibula, Ágnes., Monostori, Éva., Martinek, Tamás A.,Journal of the American Chemical Society2013 9
fdart0047Role of Ring-Constrained γ-Amino Acid Residues in α/γ-Peptide Folding: Single-Conformation UV and IR SpectroscopyKusaka, Ryoji., Zhang, Di., Walsh, Patrick S., Gord, Joseph R., Fisher, Brian F., Gellman, Samuel H., Zwier, Timothy S.,The Journal of Physical Chemistry A2013 2
fdart0048The N-Terminal Nonapeptide of Cephaibols A and C: A Naturally Occurring Example of Mismatched Helical Screw-Sense ControlOrcel Ugo., De Poli. Matteo., De Zotti. Marta., Clayden Jonathan.,Chemistry - A European Journal2013 8
fdart0049A Cell-Penetrating Foldamer with a Bioreducible Linkage for Intracellular Delivery of DNADouat Céline,. Aisenbrey Christopher., Antunes Stéphanie., Decossas Marion., Lambert Olivier., Bechinger Burkhard., Kichler Antoine., Guichard Gilles.,Angewandte Chemie - International Edition2015 7
fdart0050Synthesis of a new β-amino acid with a 3-deoxy-l-ara furnaoside side chain: the influence of the side chain on the conformation of α/β-peptidesSharma, Gangavaram V. M., Anjaiah, Gonuguntla., Kanakaraju, Marumudi., Sudhakar, Bommeda., Chatterjee, Deepak., Kunwar, Ajit C.,Organic & Biomolecular Chemistry2016 4
fdart0051Foldamers of β-peptides: conformational preference of peptides formed by rigid building blocks. The first MI-IR spectra of a triamide nanosystemPohl, Gabor., Gorrea, Esther., Branchadell, Vicenc., Ortuno, Rosa M., Perczel, Andrs., Tarczay, Gyorgy.,Amino Acids2013 4
fdart0052Recipe for β-Sheets: Foldamers Containing Amyloidogenic Peptide SequencesSpencer, Ryan., Chen, Kevin H., Manuel, Gerald., Nowick, James S.,European Journal of Organic Chemistry2013 5
fdart0053Structural Characterization of Peptide Oligomers Containing (1R,2S)-2-Aminocyclohexanecarboxylic Acid (cis-ACHC) Choi, Soo Hyuk., Ivancic, Monika., Guzei, Ilia A., Gellman, Samuel H.,European Journal of Medicinal Chemistry2013 6
fdart0054Foldameric β-H18/20P Mixed Helix Stabilized by Head-to-Tail Contacts: A Way to Higher-Order StructuresSzolnoki, Éva., Hetényi, Anasztázia., Mándity, István M., Fülöp, Ferenc., Martinek, Tamás A.,European Journal of Organic Chemistry2013 5
fdart0055Three-Residue Turn in β-Peptides Nucleated by a 12/10 HelixSharma, Gangavaram V. M., Yadav, Thota Anupama.,Marumudi, Kanakaraju., Thodupunuri, Prashanth., Reddy, Pothula Purushotham., Kunwar, Ajit C.,Chemistry – An Asian Journal2014 4
fdart0056Peptide Backbone Composition and Protease Susceptibility: Impact of Modification Type, Position, and Tandem SubstitutionWerner, Halina M., Cabalteja, Chino C., Horne, W. SethChemBioChem2016 40
fdart0057Structural Dimorphism of Achiral alpha,gamma-Hybrid Peptide Foldamers: Coexistence of 12- and 15/17-HelicesMisra R., Saseendran A., George G., Veeresh K., Raja KM., Raghothama S., Hofmann HJ., Gopi HN.,Chemistry - A European Journal2017 3
fdart0058Refoldable Foldamers: Global Conformational Switching by Deletion or Insertion of a Single Hydrogen BondLe Bailly, Bryden A F., Byrne, Liam., Clayden, Jonathan.,Angew Chem Int Ed Engl2016 12
fdart0059Length-Dependent Formation of Transmembrane Pores by 310-Helical α-Aminoisobutyric Acid FoldamersJones, Jennifer E., Diemer, Vincent., Adam, Catherine., Raftery, James., Ruscoe, Rebecca E., Sengel, Jason T., Wallace, Mark I., Bader, Antoine., Cockroft, Scott L, Clayden, Jonathan., Webb, Simon J.,Journal of the American Chemical Society2016 16
fdart0060Stabilization of an α-helix by short adjacent accessory foldamersLaura Mauran., Brice Kauffmann., Benoit Odaert., Gilles GuichardComptes Rendus Chimie2016 2
fdart0061Slow Folding–Unfolding Kinetics of an Octameric β-Peptide BundleMontalvo, Geronda L., Gai, Feng., Roder, Heinrich., DeGrado, William F.,ACS Chemical Biology2017 1
fdart0062Biophysical and Structural Characterization of a Robust Octameric β-Peptide BundleGoodman, Jessica L., Petersson, E James., Daniels, Douglas S., Qiu, Jade X., Schepartz, Alanna.,Journal of the American Chemical Society2007 1
fdart0063Nucleation effects in peptide foldamersPatgiri, Anupam., Joy, Stephen T., Arora, Paramjit S.,Journal of the American Chemical Society2012 4
fdart0065Unprecedented Chain-Length-Dependent Conformational Conversion Between 11/9 and 18/16 Helix in α/β-Hybrid PeptidesLegrand, Baptiste., André, Christophe., Moulat, Laure., Wenger, Emmanuel., Didierjean, Claude., Aubert, Emmanuel., Averlant-Petit, Marie Christine., Martinez, Jean., Calmes, Monique., Amblard, MurielAngewandte Chemie International Edition2014 9
fdart0066Diastereotopic fluorine substituents as 19F NMR probes of screw-sense preference in helical foldamersPike, Sarah J., De Poli, Matteo., Zawodny, Wojciech., Raftery, James., Webb, Simon J., Clayden, Jonathan.,Org. Biomol. Chem.2013 12
fdart0067α,ε-Hybrid Peptide Foldamers: Self-Assembly of Peptide with Trans Carbon–Carbon Double Bonds in the Backbone and Its Saturated AnalogueDebnath, Mintu., Das, Tanmay., Podder, Debasish., Haldar, Debasish.,ACS Omega2018 2
fdart0068De Novo Left-Handed Synthetic Peptidomimetic FoldamersShe, Fengyu.,Teng, Peng.,Peguero-Tejada, Alfredo.,Wang, Minghui.,Ma, Ning.,Odom, Timothy.,Zhou, Mi.,Gjonaj, Erald.,Wojtas, Lukasz.,van der Vaart, Arjan.,Cai, JianfengAngewandte Chemie International Edition2018 8
fdart0069β- and γ-Amino Acids at α-Helical Interfaces: Toward the Formation of Highly Stable Foldameric Coiled CoilsNyakatura, Elisabeth K., Mortier, Jérémie., Radtke, Vanessa S., Wieczorek, Sebastian., Rezaei Araghi, Raheleh., Baldauf, Carsten., Wolber, Gerhard., Koksch, BeateACS medicinal chemistry letters2014 6
fdart0070Environmental Effects Determine the Structure of Potential β‐Amino Acid Based FoldamersSussman, Fredy., Sánchez-Pedregal, Víctor M., Estévez, Juan C., Balo, Rosalino., Jiménez-Barbero, Jesús., Ardá, Ana., Gimeno, Ana., Royo, Miriam., Villaverde, M. Carmen., Estévez, Ramón J.Chemistry – A European Journal2018 2
fdart0071A peptoid ribbon secondary structureCrapster, J Aaron., Guzei, Ilia A., Blackwell, Helen EAngewandte Chemie (International ed. in English)2013 10
fdart0072Structural features of linear (αMe)Val-based peptides in solution by photophysical and theoretical conformational studiesPispisa, B., Mazzuca, C., Palleschi, A., Stella, L., Venanzi, M., Formaggio, F., Polese, A., Toniolo, C.Peptide Science2000 4
fdart0073Design and Synthesis of Foldamers Based on an Anthracene Diels–Alder AdductWinkler, Jeffrey D., Piatnitski, Evgueni L. , Mehlmann, John., Kasparec, Jiri., Axelsen, Paul H.,Angewandte Chemie International Edition2001 2
fdart0074Structural features and conformational equilibria of 310-helical peptides in solution by spectroscopic and molecular mechanics studiesPispisa, B., Mazzuca, C., Palleschi, A. , Stella, L. , Venanzi, M. , Formaggio, F. , Toniolo, C., Broxterman, Q. B.,Biopolymers2002 2
fdart0075Asymmetric Synthesis of β-Amino Acid Derivatives Incorporating a Broad Range of Substitution Patterns by Enolate Additions to tert-Butanesulfinyl IminesTang, Tony P., Ellman, Jonathan A.The Journal of Organic Chemistry2002 2
fdart0076β-Peptides: a surprise at every turnSeebach, Dieter., L. Matthews, JenniferChemical communications1997 1
fdart0077Investigation of folding patterns in homo-oligomers of (R)-β2,2-amino acids with carbohydrate side chainGangavaram V.M. Sharma., Post Sai Reddy., Deepak Chatterjee., Ajit C. KunwarTetrahedron2012 3
fdart0078Building Proficient Enzymes with Foldamer ProsthesesMayer, Clemens., Müller, Manuel M., Gellman, Samuel H., Hilvert, DonaldAngewandte Chemie International Edition2014 8
fdart0079Novel helical foldamers: organized heterogeneous backbone folding in 1 : 1 α/nucleoside-derived-β-amino acid sequencesChandrasekhar, Srivari., Kiranmai, Nayani., Kiran, Marelli Udaya., Devi, Ambure Sharada ., Reddy, Gangireddy Pavan Kumar., Idris, Mohammed., Jagadeesh, BharatamChemical communications2010 4
fdart0080Carboxamide versus Sulfonamide in Peptide Backbone Folding: A Case Study with a Hetero FoldamerRamesh, Veera V. E., Kale, Sangram S., Kotmale, Amol S., Gawade, Rupesh L., Puranik, Vedavati G.,Rajamohanan, P. R., Sanjayan, Gangadhar J.Organic Letters2013 8
fdart0081Design of β-Amino Acid with Backbone–Side Chain Interactions: Stabilization of 14/15-Helix in α/β-PeptidesSharma, Gangavaram V. M., Yadav, Thota Anupama., Choudhary, Madavi., Kunwar, Ajit C.The Journal of Organic Chemistry2012 5
fdart0082Unprecedented Torsional Preferences in trans-β2,3-Amino Acid Residues and Formation of 11-Helices in α,β2,3-Hybrid PeptidesBalamurugan, Dhayalan., Muraleedharan, Kannoth M.Chemistry – A European Journal2012 5
fdart0083Induction of Unexpected Left-Handed Helicity by an N-Terminal L-Amino Acid in an Otherwise Achiral Peptide ChainBrown, Robert A., Marcelli, Tommaso., De Poli, Matteo., Solà, Jordi., Clayden, JonathanAngewandte Chemie - International Edition2012 18
fdart0084Synthesis and Conformational Characterisation of Hexameric β-Peptide Foldamers by Using Double POAC Spin Labelling and cw-EPRWright, Karen., Wakselman, Michel., Mazaleyrat, Jean-Paul., Franco, Lorenzo., Toffoletti, Antonio., Formaggio, Fernando., Toniolo, ClaudioChemistry - A European Journal2010 4
fdart0085A β/γ Motif to Mimic α-Helical Turns in ProteinsRezaei Araghi, Raheleh., Jäckel, Christian., Cölfen, Helmut., Salwiczek, Mario., Völkel, Antje., Wagner, Sara C., Wieczorek, Sebastian., Baldauf , Carsten., Koksch, BeateChemBioChem2010 9
fdart0086Characteristic Structural Parameters for the γ-Peptide 14-Helix: Importance of Subunit PreorganizationGuo, Li., Zhang, Weicheng., Reidenbach, Andrew G., Giuliano, Michael W., Guzei, Ilia A., Spencer, Lara C., Gellman, Samuel H.Angewandte Chemie - International Edition2011 5
fdart0087The Design of α/β-Peptides: Study on Three-Residue Turn Motifs and the Influence of Achiral Glycine on Helix and TurnSharma, Gangavaram V. M., Chandramouli, Nagula., Basha, Shaik Jeelani., Nagendar, Pendem., Ramakrishna, Kallaganti V. S., Sarma, Akella V. S.Chemistry – A Asian Journal2011 11
fdart0088Structural Basis of Bcl-xL Recognition by a BH3-Mimetic α/β-Peptide Generated by Sequence-Based DesignLee, Erinna F., Smith, Brian J., Horne, W. Seth., Mayer, Kelsey N., Evangelista, Marco., Colman, Peter M., Gellman, Samuel H., Fairlie, W. DouglasChemBioChem2011 5
fdart0089A systematic study of fundamentals in α-helical coiled coil mimicry by alternating sequences of β- and γ-amino acidsRezaei Araghi, Raheleh., Baldauf, Carsten., Gerling, Ulla I. M., Cadicamo, Cosimo Damiano., Koksch, BeateAmino Acids2011 5
fdart0090A switch between two-, three-, and four-stranded coiled coils in GCN4 leucine zipper mutantsHarbury, PB., Zhang, T., Kim, PS., Alber, TScience1993 1
fdart0091Extending Foldamer Design beyond α-Helix Mimicry: α/β-Peptide Inhibitors of Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor SignalingHaase, Holly S., Peterson-Kaufman, Kimberly J., Lan Levengood, Sheeny K., Checco, James W., Murphy, William L., Gellman, Samuel H.Journal of the American Chemical Society2012 7
fdart0092Bis-pyrene probes of foldamer conformation in solution and in phospholipid bilayersLister, Francis G. A., Eccles, Natasha., Pike, Sarah J., Brown, Robert A., Whitehead, George F. S., Raftery, James., Webb, Simon J., Clayden, Jonathanchemical science2018 27
fdart0093Exploring β-Hydroxy γ-Amino Acids (Statines) in the Design of Hybrid Peptide FoldamersBandyopadhyay, Anupam., Malik, Ankita., Kumar, Mothukuri Ganesh., Gopi, Hosahudya N.Organic Letters2014 2
fdart0094β3R3-Peptides: design and synthesis of novel peptidomimetics and their self-assembling properties at the air–water interfaceMosca, Simone., Dannehl, Claudia., Möginger, Uwe., Brezesinski, Gerald., Hartmann, LauraOrg. Biomol. Chem.2013 6
fdart0095Quaternary Centres as a Tool for Modulating Foldamer ConformationGaleazzi, Roberta., Martelli, Gianluca., Mazzanti, Andrea., Orena, Mario., Rinaldi, SamueleChemistry - A European Journal2011 3
fdart0096Rules for Antiparallel β-Sheet Design:  d-Pro-Gly Is Superior to l-Asn-Gly for β-Hairpin NucleationStanger, Heather E., Gellman, Samuel H.Journal of the American Chemical Society1998 1
fdart0097Oligomers of a 5-carboxy-methanopyrrolidine β-amino acid. A search for orderKrow, Grant R., Liu, Nian., Sender, Matthew., Lin, Guoliang., Centafont, Ryan., Sonnet, Philip E., DeBrosse, Charles., Ross, Charles W, 3rd., Carroll, Patrick J., Shoulders, Matthew D., Raines, Ronald TOrganic Letters2010 8
fdart0098Synthesis and Structural Studies of Homooligomers of Geminally Disubstituted β2,2-Amino Acids with Carbohydrate Side ChainSharma, Gangavaram V. M., Sai Reddy, Post., Chatterjee, Deepak., Kunwar, Ajit C.The Journal of Organic Chemistry2011 3
fdart0099Discrete Heterogeneous Quaternary Structure Formed by α/β-Peptide Foldamers and α-Peptides Price, Joshua L., Horne, W. Seth., Gellman, Samuel H.Journal of the American Chemical Society2007 7
fdart0100Positional Effects on Helical Ala-Based PeptidesCheng, Richard P., Girinath, Prashant., Suzuki, Yuta., Kuo, Hsiou-Ting., Hsu, Hao-Chun., Wang, Wei-Ren., Yang, Po-An., Gullickson, Donald., Wu, Cheng-Hsun., Koyack, Marc J., Chiu, Hsien-Po., Weng, Yi-Jen., Hart, Pier., Kokona, Bashkim., Fairman, Robert., Lin, Tzu-En., Barrett, OliviaACS Biochemistry2010 27
fdart0101A Comparison of Linear and Cyclic Peptoid Oligomers as Potent Antimicrobial AgentsHuang, Mia Lace., Shin, Sung Bin Y., Benson, Meredith A., Torres, Victor J., Kirshenbaum, KentChemMedChem2012 32
fdart0102Conformational analysis of helical aminoisobutyric acid (Aib) oligomers bearing C-terminal ester Schellman motifsPike, Sarah J., Raftery, James., Webb, Simon J., Clayden, JonathanOrganic & Biomolecular Chemistry2014 9
fdart0103Engineering the Structure of an N-Terminal β-Turn To Maximize Screw-Sense Preference in Achiral Helical Peptide ChainsDe Poli, Matteo., Byrne, Liam., Brown, Robert A., Solà, Jordi., Castellanos, Alejandro., Boddaert, Thomas., Wechsel, Romina., Beadle, Jonathan D., Clayden, JonathanThe Journal of Organic Chemistry2014 2
fdart0104Optically Active Vibrational Spectroscopy of α-Aminoisobutyric Acid Foldamers in Organic Solvents and Phospholipid BilayersLizio, Maria Giovanna., Andrushchenko, Valery., Pike, Sarah J., Peters, Anna D., Whitehead, George F. S., Vitórica-Yrezábal, Iñigo J., Mutter, Shaun T., Clayden, Jonathan., Bouř, Petr., Blanch, Ewan W., Webb, Simon J.Chemistry - A European Journal2018 14
fdart0105Helical Foldamers Incorporating Photoswitchable Residues for Light-Mediated Modulation of Conformational PreferenceMazzier, Daniela., Crisma, Marco., De Poli, Matteo., Marafon, Giulia., Peggion, Cristina., Clayden, Jonathan., Moretto, AlessandroJournal of the American Chemical Society2016 28
fdart0106Exploiting Aromatic Interactions for β-Peptide Foldamer Helix Stabilization: A Significant Design ElementMándity, István M., Monsignori, Antonella., Fülöp, Lívia., Forró, Enikö., Fülöp, FerencChemistry - A European Journal2014 7
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